SpagoWorld Partnership Program

SpagoWorld partnership program allows you to choose the partnership option that best suits your needs.

All partnerships are free of charge.

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Integrator Partnership

It is suitable for systems integrators who want to use SpagoWorld solutions to develop business intelligence projects for their customers, to actively contribute to the evolution of SpagoWorld solutions, to provide consulting services and/or resell support services.
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Supporting Partnership

It is suitable for companies and organizations that are already using SpagoWorld solutions and want to highlight their knowledge of the solutions and/or contribute to their global affirmation.
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Training Partnership

It is suitable for companies and consultants who want to obtain a certification allowing them to deliver training courses on SpagoWorld solutions.
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Technology Partnership

It is suitable for open source communities, companies and organizations which want to jointly work with Engineering Group integrating or connecting their solutions with SpagoWorld projects (SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q), in view of building a wider open source stack or to achieve common technological objectives in the open source domain.
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