Consulting services for the commercial use of SpagoWorld solutions

All SpagoWorld solutions are 100% free and open source. Therefore, you can freely use them, asking the community for some support, in case of necessity.

On the other hand, if you wish to employ these solutions in the development of new projects for yourself or for your customers, you will certainly need our consulting services to successfully achieve your goals. To this end, SpagoWorld consulting services are designed so as to assist you in designing, developing, deploying and delivering your solutions using SpagoWorld software.

All support services are provided by Engineering Group. SpagoWorld core team grants you the best level of expertise.

Find out the solution that best suits your needs, in the Consultancy webpage of the project of your interest: SpagoBI Consultancy, Spagic Consultancy, Spago4Q Consultancy.

For more information, contact us.

SpagoWorld development services

Do you need a feature or a component which is not provided by SpagoWorld solutions yet?

We can help you, making you reach your goals within the deadline. This way, you also contribute to the growth and enrichment of SpagoWorld projects with new functionalities and features, according to the requirements coming from you, which represent the real end-user's need.

SpagoWorld team will develop the needed sofware according to your specific requirements and release it within the scheduled deadline. The software will be also included into a new SpagoWorld project release, as your contribution. This way, the service guarantees a prompt reply to your needs as well as the opportunity to continue to receive the needed support to the developed components over time.

In order to thank you for your contributions, we'll offer you some special development rates!

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