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For more information on the commercial services supporting the open source solutions:

SpagoBI, the 100% open source, innovative and flexible Business Intelligence suite English
spagobi [at] eng [dot] it
spagobi [dot] italy [at] eng [dot] it
spagobi [dot] france [at] eng [dot] it

Spagic, the universal middleware for the development of SOA/BPM extensible solutions and the governance of middleware services Spagic support services spagic [at] eng [dot] it

Spago4Q, the open source platform to measure, analyse and monitor the quality of products, processes and services Spago4Q support services spago4q [at] eng [dot] it

Spago, the Java Enterprise Framework for the development of web and multichannel applications in SOA environments Spago support services oss-support [at] eng [dot] it

For more information on the other projects and services:

SpagoWorld initiative Other open source services oss-support [at] eng [dot] it

For more information on the GeoBI Initiative:

GeoBI Initiative Technical and commercial information Contact the initiative leaders

For more information on the company developing the open source solutions:

Engineering Group
Technical Innovation and Research Division
Architectures & Consulting
Corso Stati Uniti 23/C
35127 Padua, Italy - info [at] eng [dot] it
Phone +39 049 8283411

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