Partners of SpagoWorld solutions

SpagoWorld project teams work with a wide partners network, which contributes to the growth of the solutions worldwide, accelerating customers' success. SpagoWorld partners include systems integrators, technology partners and all those partners who want to contribute to the affirmation of the quality of these solutions. All SpagoWorld partners are committed to rapidly bring the projects that integrate the SpagoWorld solutions to success.

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Integrator Partners

Integrator Partners use SpagoWorld technology within their clients’ projects, supported by SpagoWorld team.

  • designing skills
  • quality of services
  • support by SpagoWorld team

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Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners appreciate SpagoWorld solutions and contribute to their global affirmation.

  • knowledge and expertise
  • use of SpagoWorld solutions
  • global support

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Training Partners

Training Partners deliver specific authorized training courses on SpagoWorld solutions.

  • certified knowledge and expertise
  • strong commitment
  • international training offering

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Technology Partners

Technological partners share SpagoWorld technology, solutions and project roadmaps.

  • technology sharing
  • offering of a wide open source stack
  • shared support services network

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