Commercial Open Source Services Network

In the Open Source domain, enterprises look for mature solutions and real support services. Professional services can support their choices, help them design and develop the most suitable customized solutions, protecting their investments by assuring maintenance and long-term sustainability.

Thanks to our partnerships, we can offer our support to SpagoWorld solutions and third-party ones, within an Open Source Services Network, which offers subscription, consultancy and help-desk services, aiming to support your solutions. Main benefits are:

  • a single contact point: you will interface with just one company, reducing problems and additional costs
  • first/second support level, provided by the nearest company to you, avoiding problems of distance and/or language
  • second/third support level, provided by the core team who has developed the solution
  • a uniform proposal for your support: a single service level agreement for all the solutions
  • professional support to solve problems in the integration of the different solutions.

For further information, please contact us.

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