Spago4BD: the open source solution for Big Data analytics

Spago4BD is an enterprise-level open source solution for Big Data analytics.

This specialized solution addresses the following areas:

  • analysis of Big Data, whose results can be displayed as exact values or visual insights (e.g. chord diagrams, treemaps) as well as exported in different formats;
  • data mining and text mining, thanks to the integration of R (and SparkR interfacing Spark)
  • distributed machine learning, based on Mahout and MLlib;
    • social listening, supporting the collection and analysis of data coming from social networks;
    • semantic analysis;
    • stream processing, to analyze streams of data, also coming from external sources, thanks to the integration of the open source SparkStreaming and Storm;
    • CEP (Complex Event Processing), based on the open source eBAM (Eclipse extended Business Activity Monitoring) and Flume.
  • Spago4BD supports several storage systems, including:
    • traditional data sources (e.g. RDBMS, files, web services)
    • relational databases (e.g. HDFS, Hive, HBASE, Cloudera Impala, Hortonworks Stinger, Spark)
    • NoSQL databases (e.g. Cassandra, Neo4J, MongoDB, OrientDB).

    Spago4BD offers a wide range of tools to gain visual insights into your data, such as self-service BI, custom analysis (e.g. reports, charts, dashboards, maps) also accessible from mobile devices, as well as federation of Big Data with traditional data sources and/or data hosted in external repositories thanks to advanced mash-up techniques.

    As a result of the adoption of open standards, Spago4BD can easily be integrated with existing environments, according to users' specific needs. Moreover, its fully open source license enables software re-use in favour of the entire community.

    For further information, please contact:

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