Training services supporting the use of the SpagoWorld solutions

In order to improve your knowledge of the SpagoWorld solutions and to foster their adoption within your projects, our training offering includes different training options, ranging from standard training courses to tailored training courses based on your specific requirements.

Training courses

Standard courses

Our goal is to provide you with all the needed support in order to make you quickly start to use SpagoWorld solutions in a productive way. Therefore, we offer a variety of standard training courses on SpagoWorld solutions, including both descriptive overviews as well as hands-on sessions.

The training courses are available according to two different options, the in-house option and the on-site option. They can be delivered according to in class (in case of on-site option) or on-line, as web-conferences or recorded streaming training courses. This wide offering aims at providing you with a highly flexible solution that fits your needs. All teachers are chosen among the core team members of SpagoWorld projects.

Tailored training courses

This option has been conceived so as to adapt the training program to your specific needs, in terms of subjects and knowledge level. They are usually delivered as training-on-the-job, during which we support you in the development of the prototypal phase of your new projects. The courses scheduling and prices are defined according to your training goals.

The complete courses catalogue is available on the Training page of each specific project: SpagoBI Training, Spagic Training, Spago4Q Training.
For any further information, please contact us.


SpagoWorld team delivers some free web-based seminars, offering you the opportunity to learn some interesting features or solutions related to SpagoWorld projects.

Have a look at the SpagoWorld Webinar Center and register to the webinars of your interest! As for SpagoBI webinars, please visit the project website here.
The previous webinar presentations are available on SlideShare.

For any further information, please contact us.

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